Climate Actions


How to prepare for climate change?
Step-by-step process for developing a climate strategy

Staying competitive requires adaptability and a forward-thinking approach especially for SMEs. When it comes to climate change, the stakes are high, and the challenges can seem daunting.

While SMEs may feel that there is lack of knowledge or resources to take meaningful climate action, the good news is that even small steps can make a big impact for your business and the planet in the long run.

This Guideline provides simple steps on conducting a climate impact assessment, reviewing insurance policies, discussing the role of the management team, exploring technological solutions, and quantifying greenhouse gas emissions to help SMEs to strengthen their climate resilience



Access to new markets (wider supply chain increasingly demand low carbon products and services)


Resource diversification, use of renewable energy, climate adaptive resiliency

Is your business planning on making the switch to renewable energy?
What is your business doing to eliminate single-use plastic?
Are you taking climate action to enhance the reputation of your brand and to differentiate your business from competitors?


How to prepare for climate change?

Want to protect your SME from the fast approaching dangers?

Climate Impact Assessment